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Let me introduce myself. I am Mike Bradley, Realtor, and Broker associate with Beasley Realty. I have lived in Pullman now almost ten years, having come here first to buy a home for my daughter who had been accepted at the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine. At the time, I had been a Real Estate Broker in another state with over twenty years experience and I was impressed with the professionalism of Beasley Realty and rather than rely on my own experience, I chose them to be my agent in Pullman. I bought a house for my daughter to use, and sold it several years later, after my daughter became a DVM, again using Beasley Realty. My WSU grad daughter is now practicing Vet Med in Utah and I am still here, married to a Professor in the WSU Apparel Merchandising Design and Textiles program at the University, and I work as a broker associate with Beasley Realty helping other buyers and sellers .

Pullman is a great place to live, and I have lived in a lot of places, in the US and elsewhere in the world. A few years back when I was filling in as an instructor for an International Trade course at WSU one of my students asked me how I got to travel so much. I told her that after receiving my BA from Lafayette College, I went to work for my rich Uncle, and my Uncle Sam sent me to all sorts of interesting places. All expense paid travel with exciting stops along the way. (I didn’t mention the job was in the US Marines, and quite a few of the students didn’t figure out who my “rich uncle” was till I told them.

After my military service, I started and ran a number of small businesses, and also invested in real estate, rehabbed, and built homes from scratch, married, and raised a family. Since my liberal arts degree and Marine Corps training did not include much business background I went back to graduate school with the help of VA educational benefits, and got an MBA. The practical business education has proven very useful, and it has paid off well over time. For many years now I have focused real estate investment, buying land and building houses, rehabilitating older homes, and engaging in general real estate brokerage.

I like to share the real estate knowledge I have accumulated with others, especially if I can help my fellow veterans find homes and parents who have children to help through college. My “been there, done that” kind of knowledge comes from real world personal experience in real estate transactions and provides me with the patience to be a positive guide through the processes involved. Call me for help buying, investing, building, selling. If I can’t help I can find someone who can.

Mike Bradley
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